Top cloud consulting services in California

8K Miles

8K Miles is a cloud consulting and solutions company that specializes in cloud migration, security, and compliance. They offer services to help businesses adopt and optimize cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. With a focus on healthcare and life sciences, they assist in transforming and modernizing IT infrastructure.


Appirio, founded in California in 2006, is a cloud services and digital transformation company. They provide consulting, implementation, and integration services for cloud platforms such as Salesforce, Workday, and Google Cloud. Appirio works on projects related to customer experience, employee productivity, and business innovation.


Astadia is a cloud consulting and managed services company that helps organizations adopt and optimize cloud technologies. They offer services for cloud migration, modernization, and application development on platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Astadia works on projects spanning various industries and focuses on driving business outcomes.

CloudNow Technologies

CloudNow Technologies is a cloud consulting firm that specializes in cloud strategy, architecture, and implementation. They assist businesses in leveraging cloud technologies for enhanced scalability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Their projects include cloud migration, infrastructure design, and application development.


Cloudwick is a big data and cloud consulting company that provides services for data engineering, analytics, and machine learning on cloud platforms. They help businesses unlock the value of their data by leveraging cloud infrastructure and advanced analytics. Cloudwick’s projects involve data lakes, data pipelines, and real-time analytics.


Keste is a cloud consulting and software solutions company that focuses on cloud-based enterprise applications. They offer services for cloud migration, application development, and integration on platforms like Salesforce, Oracle Cloud, and AWS. Keste works on projects involving CRM, CPQ, and E-commerce solutions.


Ntirety is a cloud solutions provider that offers managed services and consulting for cloud infrastructure, databases, and data analytics. They help businesses optimize their cloud environments, ensure data security, and implement disaster recovery solutions. Ntirety’s projects include cloud management, data migration, and database administration.

OneNeck IT Solutions

OneNeck IT Solutions is a cloud and managed services provider that offers consulting, implementation, and support for cloud infrastructure and applications. They specialize in hybrid cloud solutions and provide services for cloud migration, managed hosting, and application management. OneNeck works on projects across various industries.


Slalom is a consulting firm that offers cloud and digital transformation services to help businesses innovate and optimize their operations. They provide advisory, implementation, and managed services for cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Slalom works on projects involving data analytics, IoT, and application modernization.

West Monroe Partners

West Monroe Partners is a consulting firm that offers cloud and technology services to help businesses drive digital transformation. They provide strategy, implementation, and managed services for cloud platforms and technologies. West Monroe Partners works on projects across industries and focuses on improving operational efficiency and customer experience.

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