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We believe that research is the key to any successful PPC marketing campaign. We are experts in conducting keyword and market research and incorporating the results into your plan.

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We are seasoned PPC professionals with a track record of account optimization. We apply custom tailored strategies for each business and its objectives.

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We believe in straightforward reporting. Our goal is to keep you informed about the status of your accounts. We make reporting more understandable and actionable by simplifying it.

What I do as an Ahmedabad-based Google Ads Expert?

Clients from all over the country and possibly the world, depending on your target audience, are searching the internet for your product or services. In fact, it’s believed that over 25% of clicks for any given search term go to the first position on Google.

A powerful Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign is required to ensure that these clicks land on your website. PPC campaigns enable you to connect with clients who are looking for your products or services online. These ads are only triggered when someone searches for your company’s offerings in geo-fenced areas/regions.

For over a decade, our PPC experts have been building effective PPC campaigns. With Google Ads, we’ve helped businesses all around the world reach their local customers and expand their businesses.

How are my PPC services different?
  • I achieve real results – increase sales at the lowest cost‎‎
  • Key highlights of my process  >>
    Keyword/target research, daily management, and a data-driven approach
  • Reduce your budget while ensuring a higher return on investment. 
  • Unlike most consultants/experts out there, I have an illustrious track record of achieving highly profitable returns across platforms and placements such as, Search, Display, YouTube, Facebook Ads, Re-marketing, Native Ads, etc.
Result oriented strategy includes the following:
  • Set up your AdWords account from the beginning.
  • Identification of your audience persona.
  • Setting up conversion tracking on your website.
  • Using Google AdWords/Analytics/Tag Manager to track sales and revenue.
  • Organize your campaigns and ad groups properly for the best results.
  • Audit and Optimization of Landing Pages
  • Improve your Quality Score and lower your cost per click.
  • Analyze keyword data to have a better understanding of your data.
  • Keep an eye on the results of your campaign on a frequent basis.
  • Identify and resolve any issues with your account.
  • We also develop long-term pay-per-click campaigns.
  • Google AdWords Campaigns: Create, Develop, and Optimize
  • Using Remarketing to Remarket to Your Website’s Visitors
  • Create a new idea for lead/sales generation by advertising products/services online.
  • Boost your website’s traffic and sales at a reasonable cost.

Why should you advertise on Google?

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Beyond organic SEO and PPC, Google Ads and Google Business Advertising all work together flawlessly for businesses that need to sell themselves. A Google Ads PPC expert can also assist you in determining different strategies to purchase and prioritise ad space.

You may reach and target more people than ever before as part of the same marketing effort. Furthermore, you will only ever appear to people who are actively looking for your services.

If you’re unclear how to manage Google ads for your businesses, consulting a professional is a good idea. I specialize in both organic and paid advertising. As a result, I can assist in the development of a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Why should you advertise on Facebook & Instagram?

Setting up a Facebook ad is simple. Managing multiple at the same time, however, is more difficult! Do you have a Facebook ad strategy in mind as well? What is your strategy for interacting with the general public? Do you have the time or money to run ads that aren’t working? Almost certainly not!

Facebook advertisements can reach millions of people who are interested in learning more about your company. At Telsa Media, we recognise that Facebook ad services are just as important as search engine PPC campaigns.

People are flocking to social media! As a result, you have limitless opportunities to connect with clients who wish to invest in your goods and services. You could be losing out on a significant sum of money! Is it really worth it to take that chance?

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Why should you advertise on Bing/Microsoft Ads?

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When it comes to PPC, a lot of people concentrate on Google. What about Bing/Microsoft, though? Bing advertising experts will tell you that getting your content and e-commerce seen by their algorithms is just as important. In fact, we’ve found out over the years that Microsoft Ads holds sway over a large population in the age group of 45-70. Additionally, shopping campaigns on Bing come in a variety of shapes and sizes. As a result, it makes sense to partner with someone that can handle all of your Bing PPC needs. Are you unsure where to begin when it comes to Bing PPC advertising in Ahmedabad? Get in touch with me for the complete scoop.

What People Say

Sanam is a fantastic operator. He has excellent communication skills and is eager to learn and teach. He is a talented writer, digital marketer, and leader who is well-liked by his peers.

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John Vaughan Business Owner

We were looking for a writer to write some travel stories for our Facebook and website pages, and Sanam did such an excellent job that we gave him charge of all our content writing tasks.

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Christina Paul Travel Agency / Founder

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